Welcome to Burl & Ingot

Burl & Ingot, our industrial arts workspace, is now offering access to our community Tool Library for the public.

In addition to our member-based Tool Sharing Library, where community members can borrow our basic tools or loan us any of your unwanted tools, Burl & Ingot also has available artist studios, a communal multi-purpose member space for building and learning, and is a great environment for workshops and educational lectures.

Metal MondayWe’re more than just hammers and drills. But if you need those, we’ve got about 30 different kinds of them, along with thousands of other tools you can check out for free. There are plenty of knowledgeable, friendly artists and master craftsmen that can offer professional advice on how to get the job done right.

Our Convenient Location

Burl and Ingot is located at 1305.5 W 11th St. in Bloomington, IN. To see our venue, tools, and equipment, you can schedule a tour by contacting us.